Ward Heirwegh (1982, Ghent, Belgium) graduated in 2007 with a masters degree in graphic design from Luca School of Arts (Ghent) and now runs his own studio in Antwerp. Before that he worked at the Brussels based design studio Base Design. He teaches at the Sint Lucas Antwerp College of Art (Graphic Design) and the MAD-faculty in Hasselt (Image Analysis). Besides designing and teaching, he also founded a research-based publication platform called Sleeperhold Publications.

- 2004 – 2007
Master in Graphic Design
Sint–Lucas Academy, LUCA School of Arts, Ghent
- 2001 – 2004
Bachelor in Multimedia & Communication Technology
PIH, Howest, Kortrijk

Teaching positions
2012 – *
Tutor Image Analysis
MAD-faculty, PHL, Hasselt
- 2012 – *
Tutor Graphic Design 
Sint Lucas Antwerp College of Art, Antwerp

120 Minutes

Art Brussels, Lieven Segers, Frank Koolen
April 2015

Sneak preview of 120 Minutes, 36 solo exhibitions of 1 hour in 4 days held during Art Brussels.

Antithesis, the Future of the Image.

Michiel Vandevelde, Vooruit Arts Centre
March 2015

We are surrounded by images. How these images are edited, manipulated and represented influence the way we perceive the world. It influences our ideas of the body, history, future, what we perceive as being fake and being real. Antithesis, the future of the image is a quest for alternative cultures of the image. The performance is based on the principle of 'reappropriation': the reuse of certain pre-existing materials. During the performance reading material was projected on a huge backdrop. At the end spectators received more reading material in form of a small booklet; with texts by Adam Curtis, Kristof Van Baaerle and Jana Tupivic.

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It's A Kind Of Magic.

Het Paviljoen
February 2015

Communication around It's a Kind of Magic (an exhibtion in six acts) . These 6 moments transform Het Paviljoen into a stage for the temporary nature of a performance: an arena made to focus on the act of performing and evoking a moment of magic. With The Sacred and Profane Love Machine (UK), Peter Morrens (BE), Ria Pacquée (BE), Murray Gaylard (SA/DE), Ryan Rivadeneyra (US) and Sarah & Charles (BE).

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ABP - contribution

Personal project
February 2015

My contribution to the groupshow "A Belgian Politician", a response to Luc Tuymans' conviction of plagiarism (See previous post): laser-removed Richard Prince drawings on the cover of Prince's testimony in his own plagiarism-based trial.

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A Belgian Politician

Marion Cannière Art Space, Lieven Segers & Tom Liekens
February 2015

Following the internationally talked-about ruling of a Belgian court, condemning Luc Tuymans for using the photo of a Belgian politician taken by a Belgian press photographer, artists Lieven Segers & Tom Liekens contacted more than 100 Belgian artists to respond artistically to this decision. With Jan Fabre, Guillaume Bijl, Kendell Geers, Gert Verhoeven, Jan Decleir, Ria Pacquée, Guy Rombouts,… amongst others.

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