Ward Heirwegh (1982, Ghent, Belgium) graduated in 2007 as a master in typography at the Sint Lucas academy in Ghent and now runs his own studio in Antwerp. He also teaches at the Sint Lucas Antwerp College of Art (Illustrative design) and the MAD-faculty in Hasselt (Image Analysis). Between starting his independent practice he worked at the Brussels based design studio Base Design. He also founded an research-based publication platform called Sleeperhold Publications.

- 2004 – 2007
Master in Graphic Design
Sint–Lucas Academy, LUCA School of Arts, Ghent
- 2001 – 2004
Bachelor in Multimedia & Communication Technology
PIH, Howest, Kortrijk

Teaching positions
2012 – *
Tutor Image Analysis
MAD-faculty, PHL, Hasselt
- 2012 – *
Tutor Illustrative design
Sint-Lucas Academy, KdG, Antwerp

Reweaving the Urban Carpet

Architecture Workroom Brussels, International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam
December 2014

Bookdesign for "Reweaving the Urban Carpet". As part of the IABR2014 ‘Urban-by-Nature’ project, Architecture Workroom Brussels, together with Floris Alkemade and LOLA landscape architects, studied how the specific qualities and challenges of the BrabantStad patchwork metropolis can be used for development and action. This regional design research was presented during the architecture biennale (29/05 - 24/08 2014) under the form of a huge tapestry. The research preceding the production of this tapestry was bundled in this publication.

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Bâtard Festival 2014

Batard Festival, Beursschouwburg
December 2014

Identity for the 2014 edition of the Bâtard theatre festival, held at the Beursschouwburg in Brussels, Belgium. Discussion, communication and reflection were the foundation of this year's edition. These thematics translated to some graphic elements used in this year's communication.

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Barista Camp 2014

Barista Guild of Europe
December 2014

Applications for the Barista Guild of Europe's 2014 Barista Camp in Greece.The camp focuses on offering an opportunity to develop and learn as a barista, in a setting that promotes sharing ideas and experiences, and being part of a wider community. The event runs over 3 days and includes professional education, cutting-edge lectures and tastings, ...

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The YellowPress Periodical #1

YellowPress, Sint Lucas Academy Antwerp
December 2014

Design of the first issue of the YellowPress Periodical, following up on artistic research within St Lucas University College of Art & Design. With contributions from Marc Nagtzaam, Wesley Meuris, Dirk De Backer and Afterschool.

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HTRK - Body Lotion

Sleeperhold Publications, HTRK
December 2014

Art direction and design of the fifth EP release on Sleeperhold Publications. Body Lotion is a collaboration between Belgium’s Sleeperhold Publications, Australian duo HTRK and London-based artist David Ferrando Giraut. The three tracks on the record—”Sugar,” “Punch” and the title track, “Body Lotion”—date back to the sessions that led to the band’s 2011 album, Work (Work Work). Two of the songs feature the unmistakable basslines of Sean Stewart, who died in 2010, before Work (Work Work) was released.
David Ferrando Giraut’s distinctive artwork adorns Body Lotion’s sleeve and one side of the wax. (All three tracks feature on the record’s A-side.) Giraut’s previous installations have often carried a musical lean—he’s used LP covers and turntables in the past—and he’s found a rich stream of creative inspiration in music’s ability to create meaning and change in memory and behaviour.
More info here.

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